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If you're ultimate intention is to list musicians who are alumni of SHS... truly...here's more...this is off the cuff as they say..so im going to riff away.... Mitch and Andy Korn (bands Epsilon & Rodos) - performed many, many X's at SHS in the late 70's early 80's-Mitch played Trumpet and was a major musical personality and influence in the SHS Jazz band -- as was Billy Lachman, Felix Endico, David Speilvogel, and many others.

Andy Korn also played in a band w/SHS with alum Billy Masters - a Guitarist. They had a band called Epsilon & Rodos-(more on Billy below), His brother Cary Masters, Billy Lachman, Doug Lombardozzi,& Lee Seacord had a band called Bedlam. They were a huge influence on many people/musicians at SHS in the 70's. Billy and Carrie have a sister Amy who also was a big part of the SHS music scene of the late 70's early 70's, mid 80's- she and Scarsdale guitarist John Leventhal had a brief relationship in the early 80's -through that relationship- they helped influence many Scarsdale musicians who came into they're circle at that time -Jon is a well respected grammy award winning producer and husband of Rosanne cash..and yes a SHS alum ..

Another huge influence is Zev Katz, Zev is a well respected Bassist in NYC and has played with many well known artists..you know Marc Shulman- who id like to call the Godfather of The Scarsdale Music scene- it doesn't get any better then that.... Jon Wolfson- who was also in the band Rodos & Epsilon--another SHS alum performed singing and playing Guitar -in the late 70's & 80's w Billy Masters, Jeff Milagrano, Garrett Whitney, Andy Korn & Brian Johnson (all scarsdale alum)... he performed countless SHS concerts...he went on to be a recording engineer and producer/writer -his work can be heard on many great Rock&Jazz Cd's and his scoring work can be heard on TV and in movies...

Jon's brother Rob had a popular SHS band called Yellowbelly..Rob is a SHS alum... Stuart Molina another SHS alum ,was musical director for many year round SHS musicals- He was the arranger and conductor & musical director for the Broadway winning smash "Movin Out". He won a Tony for his work on it.. Ben Monder is regarded as one of the great Jazz Guitarists of this era..another SHS alum... Josh Fix is regarded as one of the best new American Rock N Roll singer/songwriters of this era..another SHS alum.. More names Patti Rothberg Steve Field Mike Dougherty was a big musical presence at SHS -playing bass and guitar in various bands-he was in a band with Steve Field..SHS alum- .Jon Karr was at SHS played in many bands and is now head of production at San Francsico's most popular club SF Independent. What about Yoko Ono? She lived on Carthage Rd? Chris and Craig Benneli ? They are very well known NYC musicians ..SHS alum.

-- Andy Korn

It was back in the day when you had to learn a blues guitar solo from the icons by carefully picking up the arm and stylus of your stereo and advancing it gingerly and repeatedly on the 33 and a 1/3rd vinyl LP, painstakingly, over and over until you got it right. I had moved to Scarsdale from Dallas in January of 1968, already aware of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Al Kooper’s Blues Project, but not yet performing the material. It was a musical sea change for me, there in New York and elsewhere as well. Bob Elliott, Marc Shulman, Thom Pernice and Don Lackritz honed the discipline. In the genre of Blues from 1-4-5 progressions in slow and upbeat rhythmic tempos, with soul, which was the key?

At the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, at the high school gymnasium in 1968, Don provided all the closure I needed when he sang “So Many Roads, So Many Trains To Ride,” from the bandstand. Shortly after that, Bob recruited me for the Brass Blues Band, the 8 piece group included two trumpets and sax with Larry Cohn composing the charts for us – playing at varied venues and doing several recording sessions culminating in a spring 1969 performance at the Scarsdale High School Auditorium opening for the Butterfield Blues Band.

In 1969, after the Woodstock Festival, Thom and I formed a progressive rock band. Nosmo King that featured Thom on harmonica and lead vocals, myself on lead guitar, Willie Sol on rhythm guitar, Sol sheps on bass and Dick Ehrlich on drums. We devoted most of our repertoire to the Stones, Spirit, The Kinks and the Yardbirds. We performed for a winter of Sunday nights at The Willow Inn in Armonk in 1970, among other memorable venues. All tolls, none of us were anyone’s creative off-spring, but rather were lightening rods for future reference in our own right.

-- Gary Hurst

Mini Biography:

Michael James Brody, Jr. was an heir to the Jelke oleomargarine fortune; upon reaching his twenty-first birthday in 1970, he rented a mansion in Scarsdale, New York, and with his bride (whom he had met two weeks before when she came to Scarsdale to sell his friends some weed) announced to the world that he would start giving away his fortune to anyone who asked, because he wanted "peace in the world." He wrote thousands of dollars worth of personal checks and distributed his largesse to all who asked. He later said that the idea came to him while high on drugs. The response was so overwhelming that he soon had to go into hiding, at about the same time many recipients of his checks found when they attempted to cash them that they were worthless, since the bank they were drawn on refused to honor them. Brody's gift giving career ended in April 1970 when he was temporarily committed to a California mental institution after filing a false police report, and was then subsequently arrested   on a charge of marijuana possession. In late 1971, he was arrested on charges of making threats against the life of President Richard Nixon, and was also found sitting on the lawn of his sister's house in Norwalk, Connecticut while the house itself burned to the ground. Although Brody was arrested on an arson charge, the charges were later dropped. Brody soon faded from public view, and subsequently took his own life.

--Jane Margaret Laight  



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